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Light comes from the North.

From people to people

New services for us.

arthub: Finland is a hub for creative art projects.

arthub: Radio is one of our art projects.

We created own radio server and are now sending earthy energies and vibes from Finland through it.

Take part in project by listening and submitting your music to others to listen.

Note! During the thunder these sites might go down temporarily, as our hub is in middle of nature.

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  • Audiobooks

  • Tools for mind

Game of life and how to play it
WED 13:30: Parts 1,2 & 3
THU 13:30: Parts 5,6 & 7
Parts 5,6 & 7 = 13:30/h5>
Parts 8,9,10 & 11
Tools for mind
Ram Dass daily lecture

Ram Dass was one of the mind voyagers of our time. He first was psychology teacher in Harvard, got fired because of use of LSD and started his experiments especially with psychedelics. His journey then lead his way to India, where he met his guru and started learning with him. Year laters, he came back into Western world sharing his findings of a mind.

Daily at 10:00

Program info:

Tools for mind

Tools for mind is playing educational content from the famous thinkers and mind voyagers all over the world.

During these time it is very important to seek inner wisdom and balance by knowing how your tricky mind works!

Language: English

Times will be announced later!

10:00 - Ram Dass 12.00 - Audiobook: 22.00

Important discailmer: The material played on this radio can be seen as advanced level of teachings. Some material might be too much for beginners. Be also aware, that some of teachings are labeled as an occult teachings, some of them are from 33degree masonry. Therefore, the knowledge brings great responsibility, as these tools can be used whether building good or bad. What ever your viewing point is, it is very useful to know about these tools, for example to prevent their use in you. Knowledge is power, and key to understanding more about the experience called life. Be cautios, open minded but don't let the devil in, so to say.

Music is now playing randomly between the programs.

Once there is enough content we can start making more genre and mood based playlists.

Take part in and submit your song!
New Music

Discover new releases:

Coming soon!

Music submissions

For all the artist world wide

Rules for submitting the music:

- Radio arthub is playing files from local harddrive, so we do not use YouTube, Spotify or any other streaming services to play out any material.

- Send only links to download your songs in mp3/wav via Dropbox, Google Drive or similar. No attachment files in emails please.

- To take out your songs from rotation, contact via email and your songs are deleted.

- If you want to be featured on these sites, include artist photo and tell something about yourself in few words.

    For labels and music promotion companies: Feel free to add our email into your promotion list.

    Send submissions to:


Every genre accepted!

By submitting your material, you give us a right to play your song(s) in our radio without third parties (Copyright bureaus) involved.

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